29 novembre, venerdi

Io sono Adriana and I am one of the new ESC volunteers.
We are at the end of the third week. I do not miss home, for now. We are all trying to learn Italian as fast as we can. For people that speak Romanian is supposed to be easier but that is nothing but one point plus pressure.
I find Milano not so different from Bucharest, the city where I used to live in Romania, except for the fact that here, in Italy, the consequences of the fascism (communism for Romania) are not so visible, from the architectural point of view. So for me Milano feels like home, I feel that I am welcome here. And also for me, maybe is not so important the city, but the people in it.
Maybe every time it is a little bit difficult to live in a new house, but I am used to it so living in the hub, and maybe next month in the new apartment, it doesn’t represent a problem for me. I am excited for the fact that we, as in all the volunteers, will live in the same house, because together with all the other things that are new here in Milan, this is one of them. I hope, that after few months we will be able to speak Italian in the house.
I knew BIR before I come here, because my association back in Romania (Carusel ♥) is connected with BIR so I knew for sure that I come in the right place. The only thing I was nervous about was the fact that I will no longer live in Romania, I will no longer know every street, every word for expressing how I fell, and I will no longer have the same routine.
But now the stress had disappeared because I feel safe, because I will know the streets of Milan, I will know some Italian words for expressing how I feel and I will make from unknown something that I know very well.


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