Defining Moments

It was 13th of October when I arrived here in Milano. It was a bright, sunny day and I was a little bit confused, a little bit happy and a little bit lost in my life. When I made the decision to relocate from Georgia to Italy it was not easy. The idea of leaving my beloved friends and family it always makes me feel like having a limb cut off, but in other hand I’m adventurer at heart and crazy about new stories in my life, so I’m happy that I made this decision, but what does it feel like to live in a foreign country from the begining? – having a culture shock, country sickness, language barrier, mild panic attacks? YES, exactly, but it’s possible to find beauty in those bad moments and it really doesn’t matter where you are, because you can make any space feel like home and I made my space feel like home.

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I came back to Milano from Passignano sul Trasimeno just one day ago and I’m full of emotions. Let me tell you about a Walk to Start Again and Passignano. A Walk to Start Again is the process of thinking and growing as a person, walking for one week or one month which is helping to think. We spent two days in Passignano to drew up a walking plans, first meeting was incredible with those people, we had tipical Italian diner, which means : spageti, wine and noise, I adore Italian diner, it’s something more than eating, it’s a comunication, friendship and fun. On a second day we worked the whole day as I said for a project’s plan, it was little bit hard because I’m still learning Italian but in other hand it was interesting and funny how I was trying to catch the words and then we went to the city. City is amazing, Passignano is different from Milan, life is calm and air is fresh, walking around lake makes you feel harmony.

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Passignano sul Trasimeno

BIR – my days in Bir usually are starting after lunch or it depends. I’m always happy to go there, staff are always ready to help you and they are more friends than colleagues. Before ”Erasmus+” application deadline for KA1, I was busy to write an youth exchange projects and after that I’m helping to organize documents. They are helping me to learn Italian faster and because of that two days in week I have an Italian lessons, but I’m still going piano, piano.

The best thing what you can do in your life is go on an adventure and try something new, don’t be afraid to move abroad and make a long-term EVS, it’s full of possibilities to learn, discover and also life never been such an amazing as now.

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L’ultima Pieta di Michelangelo